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19 Southern Sides to Serve with Cheeseburgers

Sides to serve with cheeseburgers that compliment the meal and don’t overpower your sandwich are really easy to do. From potatoes to salads and even pasta, there’s something delicious for everyone. Be bold and round out your next barbecue for this American classic.

a cheeseburger on a plate

Whether you prefer the grill or skillet fry your burgers it’s great to know that you really can’t go wrong with the sides.

If you’re going low carb, try a bunless burger or pile your favorites high on homemade buns with all the toppings.

I love this bread recipe shaped as buns and baked for the ultimate homemade touch.

Potato Sides

Who eats a good cheeseburger without some fries? While there are plenty of options beyond the spuds, they are still classic. Save time with baked fries, or change up the meal with loaded hash brown potato skins.

There’s lots of fun here!

Homemade Baked Fries
Homemade baked fries are easy to make with a fluffy center and crispy exterior.
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a cookie sheet of baked fries with ketchup
Loaded hash brown potato skins
Don’t fret over scraping and scooping potatoes. Use shortcut hash browns in these loaded hash brown potato skins for a fun change to the traditional. Perfect for a game day appetizer or as a side dish with dinner. 
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Loaded hash brown potato skins take away all the messy baking, scraping and remaking of a traditional potato skin and make it simple, affordable and tasty!
Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are sliced very thinly, but not all the way through, dowsed in butter and other toppings, then baked to perfection.
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hasselback sliced sweet potato baked and topped with butter and savory herbs
Rosemary-Butter Roasted Little Potatoes
Tender little potatoes tossed in rosemary and butter make the perfect side dish.
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a bowl of little potatoes with rosemary and butter
Southern Potato Salad with Mustard and Eggs
Southern potato salad is a balance of sweet, tangy, crunchy and salty. Learn to make the version everyone will eat by the serving spoon full. 
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a bowl of potato salad on a wooden table
Leftover Baked Potato Casserole
Ditch the fries and dig in to this loaded casserole with green onions, cheese and bacon. Easy to do with leftover or freshly baked potatoes.
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Overhead shot of serving up leftover baked potato casserole with a wooden spoon.
Southern Fried Potatoes and Onions
Savory sauteed onions and tender potatoes feel hearty and can be done stovetop. Add plenty of pepper for big flavor on these!
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a skillet of southern fried potatoes and onions on a table

Dressed Up Canned Vegetable Sides

Canned vegetables get a bad wrap sometimes but they don’t need to! Dress them up and transform them into a meal no one will guess came out of a can.

How to make canned baked beans taste homemade
Canned baked beans get a flavor boost and taste a little more like homemade with these simple ingredients. Is it still cheating even if it tastes good? Never! 
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a skillet of baked beans with bacon slices on top
How to make canned corn taste better
Canned corn can taste like homemade with a few simple steps
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a skillet of corn on a table with a spoon in it
How to make canned green beans taste better
Just because your beans come canned and from a grocery store doesn’t mean they can’t have that classic slow-cooked flavor you crave. Easy steps and no-fuss. 
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a plate of green beans with bacon on a napkin

Pasta Sides

Pasta salads go great with your burgers on or off the grill and many of these recipes are easy to make a day or two in advance so you can focus on getting plenty of melty cheese on the main meal.

Vermicelli Pasta Salad
A bright, tangy pasta salad that pleases every crowd who eats it. The ingredients sound odd, but work together perfectly. 
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Looking for a crowd-pleasing pasta salad recipe that's better than any boring box? This vermicelli (that's just the name of the noodle) version is tangy and tasty!
Rotini pasta salad with mozzarella and tomatoes
I thought good pasta salad came from a box for years. But now I know differently and you will too! Make this version with your favorite vegetables and spices. You can’t mess it up!
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rotini pasta salad with mozzarella and tomato in a bowl with a spoon
BLT pasta salad
BLT pasta salad is a warm and hearty dinner or potluck dish you’ll love sharing. Tired of marinara and spaghetti or fettuccine alfredo? Try a BLT! 
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a close up of blt pasta salad in a bowl with a wooden spoon

Green Salads

I love a fresh salad or crunchy vegetable alongside a juicy burger. I love the homemade dressing on the wedge salad and the tangy broccoli salad can be made a couple of days in advance for best flavor.

Wedge salad with bacon and buttermilk dressing
An easy side, this wedge salad with bacon and buttermilk dressing is ready in just minutes.
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white dish of lettuce wedges with dressing and bacon
Tangy Broccoli Salad
Fresh broccoli and an almost cole slaw style dressing make this tangy broccoli salad a fun addition to your next potluck or dinner. Sweet, tangy and fresh! 
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Tangy broccoli salad is a classic that blends sweet and sour into a great way to eat fresh vegetables
Garden Stuffed Summer Squash
An easy and flavorful way to use all those summer squash and vegetables. They’re delicious!
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Tangy Classic Coleslaw
Southern cole slaw is sweet,tangy and perfect for your summer cookouts.
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Greek Cucumber Tomato Salad
This Greek cucumber tomato salad is easy, fast and brings the best of summer’s flavors to your table.
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a bowl of greek cucumber salad with pita chips on the side
Homemade Caesar Salad
No raw eggs in this Caesar but it's still delicious! Make homemade croutons and use real parmesan cheese for an impressive salad.
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Don't fear Caesar salad any longer! Raw egg yolks take a hike in this version that's got all the restaurant quality flavor and none of the worry. Quick to make!

Beyond your typical sides, you may want to round out your meal with a few good drinks and desserts. Try these 25 drinks for barbecues and 85 of the best 9×13 potluck desserts–it’s a great list!

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