Eating to fight an autoimmune or other chronic disease is surprisingly simple if you have the right tools.

To help you get there faster, this is your hub for all the recipes on Feast and Farm that fit that profile or are close enough that a few swaps will make them compliant.

Explore it at your own pace and know that new recipes will be added often.
Keep in mind that just about any recipe you find on this site can be adapted to be less inflammatory so your body can recover.

Use these substitution tips

  • Choose raw or cultured dairy only. That means milk straight from the cow with no processing, aged cheeses, or cultured items like yogurt or kefir. If you are dairy free, swap in your favorite substitution.
  • If you eat grains, make sure they are sprouted. Any recipe with rice or quinoa should be purchased with the label “soaked”, “sprouted” or “activated”. Keep grains to a minimum in your diet or if you have an autoimmune disease, remove them completely.
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables with lots of roughage. Cook cabbage, kale, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers and any other tough or fibrous vegetables before consuming to reduce strain on the digestive system. Tender vegetables like baby lettuces (butter crunch, romaine) can be eaten raw.
  • For recipes with pasta, use hearts of palm noodles, zucchini noodles, gluten or grain free pasta based on your health choices.
  • Nuts and seeds should also be purchased sprouted or you can sprout them yourself.
  • Instead of granulated sugar, opt for raw honey, real maple syrup, soaked dates or occasionally organic cane sugar. We’ll keep these foods to a minimum.
  • Emphasize saturated fats like butter, ghee, duck fat, beef tallow or lard. Absolutely no vegetable or canola oils. Some of my recipes still call for “vegetable” oil. I’m working to update them as I can.
  • Drop the bun or bread from any sandwich or equivalent on the site and dig in with a knife and fork!

Where’s the BREAD?!

Sorry folks. There’s no bread. At least not on this page. And you know what? You’ll survive without it if you want to feel better. I’ve also been slow to approach baking in general with cleaner eating because swapping one kind of junk food for another isn’t going to help any of us.

Let’s just let it go…

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