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Eating to feel well isn’t all kale and baked chicken.

discover how delicious it can really be!


Say goodbye to the same rice, baked chicken and kale meal prep bowls that cover the internet and enjoy cheesy lasagna, spicy taco salads and Southern classics.


Give up making something different for everyone in the family. Picky eaters will rejoice with these family friendly recipes!


Swap inflammatory ingredients for more wholesome ones like you’ve been doing it your whole life. No one will know the difference but you!

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What’s Inside:

  • 15 Family favorite classics
  • Easy restaurant quality main dishes
  • One pan weeknight dinner inspiration
  • Meals easy to adjust to your family’s preference and diet
  • Tips from Rachel for choosing ingredients

I’m Rachel!

Creator & Maker of all the best recipes!

As someone who has battled chronic illness, I know first hand what the power of food can do, but I hated the feeling of restriction “diets” bring.

Enter Wholesome Comfort to inspire new flavors with a classic feel we all crave.

Feast and Farm is here to teach you how to use food so you can live, love and do more of what brings you joy.