Slimy fruits and vegetables you have to throw away every week is money in the trash.

With the rising costs of groceries, stop tossing those dollars and keep healthy, easy to prepare produce on hand.

Freeze drying locks in nutrition and locks out moisture for delicious meals anytime.


Building a pantry of healthy freeze dried food can be simple with our monthly sale bundle.

Each month we feature new items for you to try and love at prices up to 30% off retail. Don’t know what to try first?

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Thrive Life freeze dried foods pair perfectly with anything you have on hand in your pantry or fridge without any extra chopping or prep work.

My personal favorite are tacos made with ground beef I didn’t have to bother to fry!

See how many versatile recipes there are to discover from home cooks just like you.


Why Rachel loves Thrive Life

It was the apples, I tell ‘ya.

The first food that hooked me. For years I’d been interested in keeping backup food on hand for emergencies, power outages, or natural disasters.

But when I opened the first can, what I had pictured: Dry MRE-style mystery food disappeared along with my worries.

The fruits burst with the flavor of any apple from the trees on my farm. The nutrition was still intact thanks to Thrive Life’s Nutrilock technology and I felt good about what I’d bought.

Then slowly I opened more cans, and more cans.

I tried ground beef which I promptly ate dry right out of the container on taco night.

I discovered melty, tangy sharp cheddar cheese with no fillers and food that eased my cooking burden on busy nights without compromising my health standards.

From wheelchair to walking, Thrive played a part

Thrive Foods were a big part of how I got out of my wheelchair. In 2020 I was battling for my life with an autoimmune disease that left me partially paralyzed and dependent on others.

I couldn’t brush my own teeth, tie my own shoes or cook.

But I could open a can and my belief in food as medicine was something I could continue thanks to Thrive Life.

I ate a lot of their fruits and vegetables that only needed a bit of warm water to refresh. Something even someone as sick as I was could manage.

There’s a lot of freeze dried, shelf stable junk on the market but this isn’t it.

While not every item Thrive makes is ideal for my diet, I am so thankful to have healthy alternatives I know I can still rely on.

Monthly Thrive Life Specials

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