There’s a lot I can’t say on the internet.

But in a private setting, you can get all the details.


A full breakdown of the 10 most powerful foods to eat. We’ll focus on the positive here and keep your focus on what you can have.


The truth about why the internet is so full of conflicting information and how to know what to trust.


Food examples, resources for sourcing the right food, and more than two hours of content including the audience Q&A.

Please note, this is a digital class. No physical product will be mailed to you.

What Students Have to Say

What’s Inside:

  • 2 hours of video from a live class (1 hour of instruction, 1 hour of student Q&A) to watch on your schedule
  • Access to a resource document for items mentioned in the class
  • A focus on the 10 types of foods to eat to regain wellness
  • Photos of foods to choose when grocery shopping, what labels mean and much more

I’m Rachel!

Creator & maker of all the best recipes and secrets to better wellness!

As someone who has battled chronic illness, I know first hand what the power of food can do.

Join me to empower yourself and take control of your wellness with food that helps you thrive and beat every odd.