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Natural Food Coloring

Natural food colors can be used to tint dough, frostings, cakes and more.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Author Rachel Ballard


For Blue/Purple

For Green:


  • Add dry fruit into a coffee grinder or high powered blender. Blend until powdered and transfer to an air tight container to store. Powders will last one year on the shelf or longer.
  • Wash blender or grinder between colors and repeat with each fruit and vegetable.
  • To use: add one tablespoon at a time of powder to the fat (butter) of a frosting recipe. Blend to desired color before adding powdered sugar. For cakes, add powder to the wet ingredients and incorporate. If you don't want as much of the fruit flavor coming through, add a touch of extra vanilla or a dash of almond extract.
    Feel free to add a bit more for cakes to get a more intense color, but remember some flavor may translate into the final recipe.