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The Country Contessa is Now Feast and Farm

Your favorite comfort food blog has an announcement to make! The Country Contessa has been renamed and is now Feast and Farm. 

This post is going to be short and sweet–just the official announcement to let you know about my name change and to reassure you that there are still plenty of great things ahead. Like lots of feasting and lots of farming. I will be bringing back my funny farm stories and talking more about the day to day operations too–those will be in a featured area separate from the recipes so they are easy to find.

Why the change?

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    Well, for purposes of trademarking my brand, really. Some terms are harder to get through that long and tedious process and Feast and Farm was a better fit for me moving forward.

    Will anything about the blog be different?

    Nope, not anything terribly noticeable! I’m always thinking about what you need most and working to adjust to those needs. We’ll stay in the comfort food arena but I will be bringing you more healthy recipes so you can balance those rich dishes with your everyday meals. Because I can’t eat a three layer Italian Cream Cake on a regular basis and fit into my jeans. I know you’re shocked.

    Can I find the same recipes that you had on the old site? 

    Yes you sure can! If you have your favorites saved or bookmarked, the old link will take you to the same post here on Feast and Farm. It will be very helpful if you will go ahead and update your favorites to their new addresses and if you want to share something somewhere, use the new feastandfarm.com address for it.  I made sure you could find what you needed easily but if you notice that a link isn’t working or that you can’t get to a post you could before, please send me an email.

    So onward and upward. Change is good, right? I hope you’ll join me here on Feast and Farm more than ever as you learn to make great homemade meals, and relish in even more of my farming flops.



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