You dream of a successful blog? Let’s get together to make it happen.

  • You’ve been blogging a while and discovered that there’s just not enough time to research, read, and master all the things everyone says is necessary. You wish someone to tell you what to focus on. 
  • You’re completely stumped by all the unfamiliar technical terms and processes. Every time you try to improve your blog’s back end you get nervous and feel lost in the steps and either break something or give up before you start pulling your hair out.
  • You’re ready to build a business and stop fiddling with a hobby but lack the know-how to set up the processes that help you monetize your hard work. 
  • You struggle to stay disciplined and on task. You’d love to have someone to motivate and encourage you (and yes, sometimes fuss at you) so you’ll do what needs to be done.

That’s where I come in. I’m Rachel–blogger and internet-savvy income generator since 2013 and I pack more than 10 years of experience with WordPress and websites under my belt. I understand the technical side and those extras like social media, SEO, theme design, and more to help the beginning or frustrated blogger that delivers based on where your blog is right now.

I’ve made my share of mistakes over the years. It took me four years to earn any decent income from my own blog–I know how you feel!

Today I use that experience to steer you away from costly mistakes that rob you of  subscribers who hang on your every word, improved traffic and ultimately, money.  When we work together, I’ll teach you the insights to help your site:

  • Grow traffic steadily
  • Gain email subscribers who believe what you believe and share your message
  • Boost engagement and relationships with your readers

Let me help you tie the loose ends of blogging up in a pretty bow (a bow made up of hard work and commitment). With blog coaching, I’ll help you sort out the questions you can’t get past and make a plan for your future so you can stop comparing yourself to others and feel confident about what you are doing.

What my clients have to say

How it works

To help us get off on the right foot, I offer a free 15 minute discovery call to anyone who thinks they might like to blog or wants to see if coaching is right for them. If you want to chat with me, just shoot me an email and I’ll get right back to you.

During our time together, we can focus on any of the following or the needs we identify through the initial consultation:

  • Finding and communicating your niche and discovering who your readers really are
  • Digging deep to discover the best ways to deliver maximum value for your readers
  • Developing a power-packed lead magnet that drives subscriptions
  • Building subscriber gateways that actually get used
  • Creating drip campaigns your readers will love to open
  • Search Engine Optimization basics
  • Social media basics and strategy
  • Food (or general) photography classes

I currently offer three packages for students to choose from, and there’s no monthly commitment minimum.

Email only–This option is best for those who have busy schedules and need a more relaxed approach. Email only coaching allows you to send me as many emails as you choose and I’ll answer within 24 hours (excluding weekends). This is also a great way to keep a written record of all recommendations and training I give you so you can reference it later. Email only coaching is $300 per month.

One-on-one–The most classic form of coaching, this method includes email access to me and four one-hour video coaching calls per month. You’ll also have access to my team of trusted experts, graphic designers and support staff I use for my own blog so you can finally find trustworthy experts when your site needs a tune up. (Their fees are extra). One-on-one coaching is $600 per month.

One time ultra audit–Best for those who are already sailing along but need someone to give them the steps, point the way, then let them fly. Ultra audits will include reviews of your blog’s branding and niche, recommendations for site technical performance improvements if applicable, SEO strategy and evaluation of your low hanging fruit, social media channel audits (like Pinterest!), tips for a lead magnet that fits your niche, email opt in text suggestions and much more.

The only way this choice works is if the blogger can commit to taking the audit and really applying the recommendations inside it. It’s best for a real self-motivated person! Ultra audits are $1,000 and include a one-hour video call to discuss the information.

Improve your blog with Ebooks

If the cost of coaching is outside your budget, check out my ebook series to get you started!

Finding the Why: How to Discover What Your Readers Really Want, and How to Deliver on it. Your readers don’t want more recipes and if you ask the wrong questions they won’t tell you what they really need. Discover the techniques I use to dive deep into my reader’s needs and serve them well.

Who Are You? 4 Simple Steps to Brand Your Blog and Gain Super Fans Your readers take 30 seconds to figure out if your blog is where they belong. Have you made that message clear or are you forgettable in a sea of other blogs? Do you stumble when someone asks you what you blog about? It’s time to clear it up and finally find your super fans.

Save when you buy both books!

Who is blog coaching right for? What if I don’t want to write about food?

Coaching may be right for you if you are brand spanking new, have been blogging a few years and feel lost in the process, or if you’ve been at it a while and just need someone to bounce ideas off of. Feel free to contact me and set up a free 15 minute call if you’d like to talk things over further.

And no, you don’t need to be a food blogger to work with me. The techniques I use will work with all niches.

Get to know Rachel

Rachel has been blogging full time since 2016 and since that time has built a business that brings in six figures every year. She was a 2018 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Finalist for the blogger category, and her work has been featured in Country Living, The Kitchn, MSN, and magazines like The Farmhouse Movement. She’s been coaching bloggers since 2017 and can’t wait to meet you!

Email to schedule your free consultation!